As a member you are a part of a mature group of gamers and there are a few guidelines for you to follow.

As a -BG- member you will:

  • wear your -BG- tag
  • be updated by our homepage, what concerns the games and training (best would be minimum once each week)
  • always play fair
  • help players
  • chat positively and never whine in gamechats or official forums
  • will not accuse anyone of cheating or discriminate
  • show always mature behaviour, eg. stepping away from low level quarrels and bad talks
  • will inform the team when he/she needs to take a break or quit in Bunch of Gamers.

As a -BG- member you must:

  • not cheat in any way, this includes glitching and skins
  • all time show a mature behavior and do not spam the in-game chat - regardless of server (public or private)!
  • not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language
  • most important - we are here to have fun!


As a -BG- member you represent the squad and your are a part of the squad:

  • To save/guard our squads community culture and values, not fitting in or sticking to these rules will automatically lead to dis-membership!
  • Decissions inside the squad are made in a democratic way. All members get informed via website and/or email about upcoming neccessary decisions. Decisions are made via votings in the forum. Agreements are taken with an absolute majority of minimum 70%.
  • Since it is easier to communicate between members via messengers we prefer that you use minimum one of the following messengers: Skype, Xfire, Facebook Messenger.
  • Players who didn’t visit our site since more than three month (without giving a reason) go automatically to inactive. After another 6 month of not showing up in any way without telling a reason to one of the members will have to leave the squad.



  • english is our main language in TS.
  • voice activation is allowed - as long as the activation level is properly set and unwanted sounds are not disturbing other players.
  • TS should be used during playing to higher the experience and fun in playing together


Main thing: We are all here to have fun with the games and each other.

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